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iPhoto Tagger
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iPhoto Tagger: Remember that beautiful pink tree in Kyoto? Can you easily locate that photo? No? Well now you can. Simply search for "Kyoto pink". Organizing photos is hard work. Categorizing photos to make them easy to find is the key to a more smooth and fun iPhoto experience. But then again it is hard work and not very fun to do. iPhoto Tagger analyze the meta data and characteristics of your photos, makes the data human readable and applies it to your photos as iPhoto keywords, iPhoto description and/or Spotlight comments. Automatically making you photos much easier to find and enjoy. Features: - Make time of photo easy to search and human readable - Make characteristics searchable like main colors and orientation. - Detects country, city, street of photos with GPS information - Detects nearby attractions of photos with GPS information. - Marks photos with keywords, description and/or Spotlight comments. - Makes your iPhoto Library smarter, easier to structure and much more fun to use.

Recomended Mojave vers.1.4.0.iPhoto.Tagger.LbK.tar.gz (4114 kb)
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